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United Kingdom, Birmingham

In today's ever-evolving music scene, ANTi emerges as a distinct voice amidst the cacophony. His approach to music - seamlessly blending rap with melodic vocals - is a refreshing break from the norm. But it's not just the blend that catches one's ear; it's the mastery with which he does it.

ANTi's eloquent wordplay isn't just about showcasing linguistic prowess but about channeling raw emotion. His tracks aren't mere songs; they are narratives, experiences, and emotions all intertwined into rhythmic poetry.

This duality - the harmonious juxtaposition of rap and singing, combined with heartfelt emotions and clever lyricism - sets ANTi leagues apart. 

For his unparalleled artistry and unique sonic identity, we proudly nominate ANTi. Their music isn't just sound; it's a movement, a story, an emotion.

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United States, El Paso, TX./Paducah, KY

In a musical era often painted with monotony, Bloodlin3 shines as a beacon of originality. Eschewing the typical "safe" route many artists tread, they've chosen to break the mold. Where others rely on repetitive styles and auto-tune, Bloodlin3 boldly embraces a multifaceted approach, displaying a lyrical range that swings from fast to slow, dark to emotional.

Beyond their undeniable talent, what truly sets them apart is their conscious decision to redefine rap. By actively avoiding derogatory language and advocating for a culture of respect, Bloodlin3 isn't just creating tracks—they're sparking a movement.

With their unique sound, Bloodlin3 is not merely hoping for change but pioneering it. Their blend of originality, authenticity, and a desire for evolution makes them not just worthy nominees, but potential vanguards of a fresh musical era.

We wholeheartedly nominate Bloodlin3, anticipating the profound impact they'll imprint on the industry.

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United States, Wichita

DAX's lyrical prowess is not just about rhythm and rhyme; it's a reflection of his life story, making his music both personal and universally relatable. His ability to articulate complex emotions and societal issues through his rap has garnered him a dedicated following.

Known for his energetic performances and commanding stage presence, DAX has an innate ability to connect with his audience, making every show more than just a performance—it's an experience. 

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Brussells, Belgium

Lukx embodies a unique fusion of generational and cultural synergy, stemming from the creative partnership of a Belgian-Swedish father and son duo based in Belgium. Their music blurs the lines between Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop, blending French and English lyrics to create a sound that's both chill and catchy. The emotive resonance of their tracks is a direct testament to the dynamic collaboration and familial bond that fuels their music-making process. Lukx has performed at alot of small different gigs and been on Radio once in Belgium. 14 Songs on "New Week Friday Belgium"
Spotify editorial playlist and 2 songs on "Made In Belgium" Spotify editorial playlist

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Namibia, Windhoek 

Proklaim is a solo artist who has been making his mark in the music industry since 2011. His journey in music is a testament to his individuality and passion for the craft. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures such as Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, Proklaim’s style is a blend of profound lyrical narratives and compelling beats.

His talent has led him to notable appearances, including a feature on MTV Bass on Kingz Video, showcasing his skills to a wider audience. 

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