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Attic Theory

United Kingdom, Liverpool

Hailing from the rich musical landscape of Britain's Liverpool, Attic Theory emerges as a luminous beacon in the rock domain. As we seek to crown the Band of the Year, Attic Theory's meteoric rise and consistent excellence position them as contenders.

Their distinct sound, a harmonious amalgamation of melodic rock and soul-stirring lyrics, has not only graced our ears but also our hearts. From every deep vocal crescendo to the electrifying embrace of their guitar riffs, paired with a rock-solid rhythm section, they've carved a niche in the crowded panorama of rock bands.

However, their brilliance doesn't stop at studio recordings. Their live performances are a testament to their unwavering commitment to their art. Watching Attic Theory live is an experience - a heady mix of energy, emotion, and electrifying stagecraft. Their capacity to form a profound connection with their audience, often leaving them awestruck and deeply moved, showcases their innate ability to transcend mere performance into an immersive experience.

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Moon and Aries


In the vast universe of music, MOON AND ARIES emerge as celestial trailblazers, crafting a sound that isn't just heard, but felt. Nominating them for an accolade isn't just about recognizing talent; it's about honoring innovation and audacity

MOON AND ARIES defy categorization. Their intriguing mix of Electro Pop, Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, Alt Pop, and Soul isn't merely a combination; it's a revolution. 

Yet, what makes MOON AND ARIES truly shine is their unwavering commitment to authenticity. In an industry often swayed by mainstream trends, they've charted their course, following a path illuminated by their inner compass. Their music isn't crafted to fit into any mold; it's sculpted to break them.

The duo's ethos echoes clear: they are not of the mainstream, nor do they aspire to be. Their pursuit is one of genuine artistic expression, aiming to touch hearts and awaken senses.

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SAMBOX & Anita Barbereau


In an era where lyrical content often takes center stage, SAMBOX & Anita Barbereau have carved a niche that's both powerful and distinctive, reminding us of the innate emotive capability of pure instrumentation.

Their commitment to a sound devoid of words speaks volumes about their ability to weave narratives using just chords, progressions, and beats. Each piece they produce invites listeners into a rich auditory tapestry, telling stories that words might sometimes fail to capture.

The musical sincerity of SAMBOX & Anita Barbereau is evident. Their compositions resonate with genuine emotion, challenging and expanding the very concept of musical storytelling. In an industry brimming with voices, their choice to communicate purely through sound sets them apart as innovators and visionaries.

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Dirty Mitts, a formidable four-piece ensemble, emerged in the music scene in 2022, bringing together a diverse blend of talent and backgrounds from the UK, Poland, and Egypt. Comprising Tommy on vocals, Matt on bass, Mo wielding the guitar, and Mateusz on drums, the band is a melting pot of cultural influences, united by their shared passion for the raw and unadulterated spirit of rock'n'roll.

In their relatively short time together, Dirty Mitts has managed to forge a distinct sound that seamlessly marries bluesy undertones with a vintage flair, all while radiating an infectious energy that compels audiences to their feet. 

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Edge of Paradise

United States, Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based Edge of Paradise is redefining the landscape of metal music with their latest track "Dark," a centerpiece of their fourth studio album, "Hologram." This band  are crafting an epic auditory experience that blends cinematic rock, avant-garde elements, and dream pop with the raw energy of heavy metal.

Currently, Edge of Paradise is bringing their unique sound to audiences across North America on tour with the Grammy-nominated DragonForce. Their live performances, are said to be immersive experiences that encapsulate the essence of their music.

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