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In an industry that thrives on instant hits and fleeting fame, SAMBOX has carved a niche that transcends trends and time, delivering a consistent stream of emotive and evocative music since 2004. With a repertoire that has enriched over 70 iconic Lounge CD compilations like "Chillout Guide" and "Buddhattitude," SAMBOX's influence extends far beyond mere streaming numbers or chart positions.

This unique artist doesn't just make music; he creates atmospheres. His compositions are not merely listened to but are experienced, serving as sonic backdrops for luxury hotels, spas, and even television programs. Whether it's the ethereal touch of a lounge track or the immersive richness of downtempo and ambient pieces, SAMBOX's music transports the listener to places they've never been, but always wanted to be.

The exceptional quality of SAMBOX's work is further validated by its usage in high-end spaces such as Das Tegernsee, George V, and Westin Hotels, as well as its feature in television productions on networks like M6. This kind of broad, international, and cross-industrial appeal is rare and speaks volumes about the artist's versatile talents and the universal applicability of his music.

In an era marked by rapid change and ephemeral trends, SAMBOX stands as a testament to the enduring power of quality, consistency, and emotional depth. 

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Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer

Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer has delivered an exceptional body of work with his latest album, "Radical Son - Back to Roots." Unlike any conventional album, this project serves as an intricate tapestry of St.Omer's life experiences, diverse talents, and artistic vision.

While he humbly admits he may not be the greatest singer or storyteller, the raw, emotive power behind his vocal delivery and lyricism speaks for itself. This album isn't about technical perfection; it's about the authentic conveyance of life in all its dimensions—the good, the bad, and the ugly. St.Omer not only wrote every song from an experiential vantage point but also showcased his skill as a serious producer, successfully blending various musical elements into a cohesive whole.

"Radical Son - Back to Roots" is a labor of love, sweat, and tears that represents the artist’s versatility and unwavering dedication to his craft. Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer's genuine expression and artistic bravery make him a compelling nominee for Artist of the Year.

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Daniel de Boer


In a musical landscape teeming with talent and innovation, Daniel de Boer makes a compelling case for Artist of the Year with his debut album, "Out of Shadows." Garnering high praise from respected publications such as Illustrate Magazine and Earmilk, this album is not merely a collection of songs but an artistic statement of global scale.

What distinguishes "Out of Shadows" is its remarkable international blend—incorporating musicians from thirteen distinct countries and seamlessly fusing various world music genres into a singular, cohesive pop framework. This is not merely an album; it is a celebration of the rich tapestry of global culture, masterfully expressed through the universal medium of music.

Daniel de Boer's album reflects an unyielding commitment to artistic excellence and a unique ability to distill the intricacies of the human experience into universally relatable tunes. His work over the past year epitomizes the transformative potential of music, solidifying his position as an ideal candidate for Artist of the Year.

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United States, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

zO-AlonzO is a multi-dimensional artist whose talents span across poetry, songwriting, rap, acting, and more, making him a standout nominee for Artist of the Year. His accolade as Best Spoken Word/Rap Artist at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards and his impactful music videos, like “The Party Iz Ova (Itz Breakfast),” highlight his unique blend of spoken word and rap. His commitment to social issues is evident in his anti-bullying anthem “Ball and a Chain.” Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop with a notable performance, zO-AlonzO continues to honor the genre's legacy while pushing its boundaries. With new projects on the horizon that promise to integrate spoken word, literature, and rap, along with ambitions to produce and write for others, his expansive artistic vision cements him as a true innovator in the field.

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