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Best Indie Rock Act




Teddington/Hilperton, United Kingdom

28to15 has burst onto the scene with a dynamism that is impossible to ignore. Garnering significant industry attention right off the bat (as evidenced in their press kit), the act has hit the ground running with their debut release and already has a roster of finished songs awaiting their next album or EP.

The project, led by Nikiforos Antonatos and Marc Ros, delivers rock tunes with a pop edge, crafting a sound that appeals to a wide and diverse audience. With influences ranging from Counting Crows to Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews Band, 28to15 has managed to create a modern yet familiar sonic experience. Their tracks are generally uplifting, infused with a contemporary electronic groove that positions them comfortably among current mainstream artists.

With original songs conveying relatable messages, a burgeoning momentum in the industry, and a sound that resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners, 28to15 is a compelling nominee for Best Indie Rock Act.

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Hover Bird

Moscow, Russia

Based in Moscow, Hover Bird is redefining the art-rock landscape by blending funk, ethnics, British, and alternative rock elements into a singular, impactful sound. Their reach is global, with their latest EP drawing accolades from various corners of the world—UK, France, Brazil, Poland, Egypt, and India—within just two weeks of release.

Critics like Camil Bobin have applauded the EP's exceptional production quality, noting the inclusion of studio-recorded instruments and a grand piano, which lend both authenticity and emotional depth. Chris Mariotti highlights the band's mesmerizing dual vocals as a unique standout feature.

But Hover Bird is more than just sonic craftsmanship; they are storytellers. Their lyrics offer keen observations on the world, tackling life's ironies while fostering a thoughtful approach to both people and nature.

Considering their innovative blend of genres, technical excellence, global recognition, and narrative depth, Hover Bird stands as a compelling and deserving candidate for Best Indie Rock Act.

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Black And Gold Elegant Graduation Certificate (Instagram Post (Square))ggdg.jpg
Black And Gold Elegant Graduation Certificate (Instagram Post (Square))ggdg.jpg


Bologna, Italy

Hailing from Bologna, Italy, Tommaso Monaco—professionally known as 'Tomm'—is a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock scene. Born in November 2002, Tomm has been crafting songs since childhood, but it wasn't until age 16 that he released his first song, "Ginger Ale." What started as a lighthearted endeavor has evolved into a serious musical career, boasting three albums and an EP.

After a three-year hiatus, Tomm burst back onto the scene with 'ATLAS,' a project that stunned audiences and critics alike. This latest release has led to multiple radio partnerships overseas, as well as a plethora of positive reviews and playlist placements. As a self-made artist who continually strives to elevate his craft, Tomm embodies the qualities deserving of the Best Indie Rock Act award.

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Phoenix, AZ, United States

Jane N’ The Jungle, hailing from Phoenix, AZ, is making waves in the modern rock scene with their sharp, unyielding vocals and a potent blend of alternative rock, metal, and a dash of punk attitude. This dynamic band has quickly captured the attention of major music platforms and outlets, including MTV Spankin’ New, Music Choice, and spots on Spotify's Fierce Femmes and Apple Music's Breaking Hard Rock playlists.

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Shannon Darcy

Essex, United Kingdom

Shannon Darcy, an emerging talent from Essex, is swiftly carving a niche for herself in the alternative music scene with her unique and authentic style. In just eight months, she has made significant strides, releasing three singles that have garnered widespread acclaim and resonating deeply with her growing fan base. Shannon's music transcends mere entertainment, evident in her participation in an international charity single that has made a substantial impact.

Shannon's diverse musical influences, ranging from punk rock to dark pop, ensure that her music is always vibrant and storytelling-focused. Her versatility as an artist is apparent in her live performances, which have earned her two music awards and acclaim at various venues, including private events and charity functions. 

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